All Neti Pots Are Not Created Equal

Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Pot has achieved the unique distinction of becoming the #1 selling neti pot in the natural products industry based on its superior advanced design features which include:

CERAMIC MODEL: ergonomic easy-grip form allows you to hold it easily in a balanced and absolutely controlled manner, so that you can avoid excess spillage or leakage or dripping, while having a convenient hand hold, regardless of the size of your hand.

The spout is tapered to provide an excellent seal to the nostril to make the process less messy.

We have a “half cover” over the top of the pot to prevent spillage during the tipping up of the pot, while allowing sufficient room in the back half of the top to permit complete cleaning.

We use heavy duty ceramic so that the product is dishwasher and microwave safe. This is important so that you can hygienically wash the pot from time to time as required with the hot water cleaning cycle of your dishwasher.

Our pots are made “lead free” with a food-grade glaze by a registered FDA-approved manufacturer of ceramic tableware. We have every production run tested at an independent laboratory to ensure the absence of heavy metals of any sort.

PLASTIC TRAVEL MODEL: We use a high density plastic that is used for medical devices and food containers and does not contain any bph or heavy metals. While most plastic pot suppliers have their product manufactured in China, we have chosen to manufacture these in the USA to ensure the quality control of the materials and production process available to us here in the USA. We were concerned about the issues raised with plastics coming from China and decided it was worth the extra investment to have them made here and not face potential contamination issues that have arisen with plastic products out of china in the past.

The plastic model is also dishwasher and microwave safe so that it can be hygienically cleaned, an essential feature for a neti pot. We decided to use a top grade of plastic that could withstand hygienic cleansing rather than go with other less suitable options such as the “bio-plastic PLA” the raw material of which comes from corn (including G.M.O. corn) but which cannot be hygienically cleaned in a dishwasher, thus making it really unsuitable for long-term use as a nasal cleansing device. We are also very seriously concerned about the use of genetically modified corn as it simply puts profits into the GMO industry and encourages further planting of GMO, which we believe is extremely dangerous to the food supplies of the planet. While there may or may not be places where GMO cannot be avoided, certainly the discretionary use of it in making a product was one area we decided could be avoided.

And it is of course fully recyclable if at any time it needs to be disposed of, but because of the high quality and strength of this product, it is suitable for travel, or for use with children or anyone who might have an issue handling ceramic due to potential breakage issues as it is unbreakable under normal use circumstances.

People tend to keep their neti pot for many years of regular use, so we have taken the steps to ensure that both our Ceramic and Plastic Travel Models will stand up for long-term, hygienic use.

More Info: Ancient Secrets Website

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